King Boo is the evil, nasty, mean spirited king of Boos. He really hates Mario and Luigi after they mana
King Boo

King Boo

ged to escape his grasp last time.

Return of MansionEdit

It all starts out when King Boo decides to make another mansion out of magic. But this time, he's going to really step it up a notch. He feels like creating spirits of everything he's seen. From Bowser ghosts to Mario ghosts to even Luigi ghosts!

From the BeginningEdit

When Luigi comes back to Boo Forest, he sees something that made him nearly faint. It was the mansion, and King Boo was there to greet him..Next to King Boo was Boolossus, who managed to capture E. Gadd. Then Luigi remembers that he had left the Polergust 3000 in E. Gadd's lab. King Boo then revealed another surprise: he held the Poltergust 3000 in his ghastly hands and said: "Luigi, now you will never be able to stop us from taking over the Mushroom Kingdom, never!!!". And with that, they left.

Area 4Edit

Although Luigi didn't realize it before, his brother was right in front of him, as large as life. But when Luigi got too close to him, Mario disappeared and King Boo took his place. He then said: "Luigi, how can you still be able to be a pest? Even after we took the Poltergust 3000 from E. Gadd's lab, you continued to be a thorn on my side. Well, I guess I know now never to underestimate a plumber."

Final AreaEdit

As Luigi approached the Final Area, he noticed something odd. It was exactly the same as the lowest room in the Mushroom Castle! When he realized this, King Boo greeted him by saying: "So, you managed to make it here, did you? Well then, I guess I'll just HAVE to show you my true power now. Prepare to be engulfed in total darkness!!!" After he said that, the whole area began to grow darker. Even Luigi's flashlight couldn't keep the room lit. And with that, a giant King Boo came towards Luigi telling him that he was going to join his brother once he was finished with him. But even with more power than ever, King Boo was still defeated and peace reigned again. King Boo once again vanished into the night.