The Ghosts are the average spirits you find across the mansion. There are 32 of them.

Area 1Edit

In Area 1, you find average Orange Ghosts, Ceiling Surprises, Purple Punchers, and Purple Bombers.

Orange Ghost-HP: 57|ATK: 29|

Ceiling Surprise-HP: 85|ATK: 43|

Purple Puncher-HP: 74|ATK: 37|

Purple Bomber-HP: 62|ATK: 31|

Area 2Edit

In Area 2, you face Bowling Ghosts, Blue Twirlers, Blue Mice, and Bats.

Bowling Ghost-HP: 61|ATK: 31|

Blue Twirler-HP: 55|ATK: 28|

Blue Mice-HP: 68|ATK: 34|

Bat-HP: 64|ATK: 32|

Area 3Edit

In Area 3, you face Blue Blazes, Flashes, Flying Fish, and Garbage Can Ghosts.

Blue Blaze-HP: 64|ATK: 32

Flash-HP: 76|ATK: 38|

Flying Fish-HP: 61|ATK: 31|

Garbage Can Ghost-HP: 65|ATK: 33|

Area 4Edit

In Area 4, you face Grabbing Ghosts, Gold Mice, Mr. Bones, and Koopa Spirits.

Grabbing Ghosts-HP: 66|ATK: 33|

Gold Mice-HP: 82|ATK: 41|

Mr. Bones-HP: 64|ATK: 32|

Koopa Spirits-HP: 67|ATK: 34|

Area 5Edit

In Area 5, you face Shy Guy Ghosts (Normal), Sparks, Speedy Spirits, and Temper Terrors.

Shy Guy Ghost-HP: 57|ATK: 29|

Spark-HP: 80|ATK: 40|

Speedy Spirit-HP: 66|ATK: 33|

Temper Terror-HP: 72|ATK: 36|

Area 6Edit

In Area 6, you face Pink Boos (Normal), Dark Boos (Normal), Purple Mice, and Gold Bats.

Pink Boo-HP: 74|ATK: 37|

Dark Boo-HP: 60|ATK: 30|

Purple Mice-HP: 55|ATK: 28|

Gold Bat-HP: 82|ATK: 41|

Area 7Edit

In Area 7, you face Dark Ghosts (Sub-Species of Orange Ghosts), Dark Mice (Sub-Species of Blue Mice), Dark Bats (Sub-Species of Bats), and Dark Koopa Spirits (Sub-Species of Koopa Spirits).

Dark Ghost-HP: 80|ATK: 40|

Dark Mice-HP: 74|ATK: 37|

Dark Bat-HP: 84|ATK: 42|

Dark Koopa Spirit-HP: 75|ATK: 38|

Area 8Edit

In Area 8, you face Dark Flashes (Sub-Species of Flashes), Dark Blazes (Sub-Species of Blue Blazes), Dark Spirit (Sub-Species of Speedy Spirits), and Dark Shy Guy Ghosts (Sub-Species of Shy Guy Ghosts).

Dark Flash-HP: 70|ATK: 35|

Dark Blaze-HP: 70|ATK: 35|

Dark Spirit-HP: 106|ATK: 53|

Dark Shy Guy Ghost-HP: 73|ATK: 37|